Summer is ending… its time to plan for Spring!

There is a change in the air. In the last few weeks the mornings have been crisper, the have evenings have come sooner and the sunlight is almost golden just after dawn and before dusk.

Summer is on its way out, and many are mourning it’s passing. 2014 has been a good year, with many long, sunny days. Rarely to humid, and when the atmosphere was it soon broke with thunder and sharp showers. We were then all refreshed, and ready for more glorious rays.

It has been a good year on the plot, and its now harvest time and I am struggling to eat enough to keep up with supplies. This year I have made my first attempt at pickling and chutney, determined not to let goods go to waste. However I have also gifted many courgettes, as they seemed never ending.

But as things are starting to end, most of the cottage blooms have died back and spaces are appearing as I take home the crop, I am working on next Spring.

Already I have biennial seedlings in the greenhouse, and the first of autumn sown flowers have been planted. My next job is to clear the ground to start next years first batch of carrots, onions, spinach & broad beans.

In between chores on my allotment I take a moment to survey my small piece of land. I imagine how things will look, consider what to plant next, work out the next rotation of vegetables. This thinking time is often as long as the physical, and by visualising it I can organise my thoughts and work out what needs to be bought and the tasks ahead. So I never mourn the passing of a season, and in my mind I have already moved on to the next.

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