December Wonderings

So suddenly I find I have time and inclination to write. But what do I say? How can I express myself? What do I have to express? It’s not that I don’t have anything happening in my life, I seem to be constantly busy, but more that there’s no drama. No conflict, no disturbances, no passions, no tragedy. Life is just plodding along, and everything is fine and I’m getting on with stuff. The only thing that is missing in my life right now is my allotment.

It’s winter; the days are short and little grows. What time I actually get to spend on my plot, is mainly just digging and clearing and thinking. Lots of standing about; making plans in my head and considering my options for Spring. I spent a whole evening this week just going through seed packets, and listing ones I wanted to buy. And I must remember this frustration, so that when the days start to get longer once more, I make use of that daylight. Not let my laziness waste those precious hours I could be toiling away. I can’t wait to start planting again. As soon as the Christmas festivities have passed, I will be starting my endeavours to ensure a fruitful 2015 on Hill Farm.

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